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Professionally maintained plants show that you care about your employees and your customers. Studies have shown that professionally maintained plants enhance productivity, reduce stress, and help clean toxins from the interior air. Our professional staff designs, installs and maintains plants in Fortune 500 companies and private residences throughout the greater Seattle area and the Eastside. We provide solutions for all interior plant care and holiday needs. Whether installing new plants in your office or taking over maintenance of existing plants, we assume full responsibility for the health and proper care of your plants. We offer complete installation and service packages. We are committed to sustainable and green practices, providing programs to meet LEED certification standards. Contact us for details and to discuss your office plant needs.

What's the benefit to you?

  • People respond positively to plants and flowers.  Research shows that plants help lower blood pressure, foster creativity and remove toxins from the air. If you have limited floor space, we've got your solution with a living wall or a uniquely designed moss wall.

  • Only well cared for interior office plants will give you the return on investment you expect.

  • When you invest in interior office plants, you express your concern for the environment, your clients and your employees.

  • Our continuous replacement program provides you with fresh plants when they are needed at no additional cost.

Blooming Color Program

In addition to interior plants and containers, we have a blooming color rotation program that ensures wonderful, fresh, flowering plant material on the reception desk or in the board room — delivered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally. This program is a lasting alternative to cut flower arrangements.  See some of our color bowls.

Holiday Decor and Poinsettias

We design and install fresh holiday looks or update your existing seasonal decor. We provide some of the finest poinsettias available in our area and offer delivery and maintenance throughout the holiday season. See some of our holiday decor.


"Just living is not must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."

- Hans Christian Andersen

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